Oil & Gas Monitoring
Most of the Oil and gas fields span hundreds or even thousands of square miles in remote areas that often lack communication infrastructure. KWC provides the ability to bridge the oil and gas exploration and production, delivering reliable, high capacity networks that operate over large areas under extreme conditions to increase operational efficiency and safety.

Oil & Gas

Support For a Range of Oil And Gas Exploration And Production Challenges

KWC’s wireless proprietary private area network with integrated LAN-Wi-Fi and broadband network, provide a complete solution to securely support multiple critical functions on one cost-effective physical infrastructure.

Our application specific system solution support a range of oil and gas exploration and production simultaneously, such as:

Pipeline monitoring – Real-Time Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) – takes information related to pressures, flows, and temperatures to estimate the hydraulic behavior of the product being transported. Once the estimation is completed, the results are compared to other field references to detect the presence of an anomaly situation, which may be related to a leak or valve dysfunction.

Real-time video surveillance – enhances security by monitoring wellheads, safety of the work force at the key facilities.

Security systems – enhance facility security with control access.

Drill rig communications and diagnostics – monitor drill bit depth and tilt, mud weight, temperatures and pressures; remotely run diagnostics and analyze results.

Asset tracking – tracks and updates the location of assets in the field to improve operations and to enhance safety and security.

Field workforce connectivity – keeps work crews in the field connected with access to SCADA data, instant messaging and email at remote sites even if they lack cell service.

Voice – uses VOIP for mobile worker voice communications even in remote areas with no cellular coverage.