Smart Grid & Utilities
On-Time Service Continuity and Performance with Multi-Network Functionality

Smart Grid

Intelligent Communications Infrastructure

Within the “Utilities” Industry continuity, automation and profitability are dependent upon the reliability of the wireless data network to monitor and control both the processing and efficiently distribution of the electricity. Yet, most of the electric power distribution infrastructures remain dramatically – perhaps dangerously – underserved by traditional consumer-grade and rather archaic wireless systems.

To make the grid more intelligent, an overlaying communications infrastructure will be required with various enabling technologies.

Complete System Solution

Acknowledging the above challenges and critical requirements, KWC has designed and developed a complete system solution approach that addresses the “Smart” grid industry requirements both technologically and economically.

Whether you depend on a Wi-Fi system, a private VHF/UHF wireless network for remote sites, or conventional systems for long-range access, KWC provides the technology to integrate multiple networks and sensors into a single, reliable wireless data solution.

KWC’s network management’s Mobile data system facilitates fast dispatch of work crews to problem areas – keep work crews in the field connected with access to SCADA data, instant messaging and email at remote sites even if they lack cell service.