Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS are the aim of many Departments of Transport worldwide. From highway safety, traffic signal, public transportation, to freight trains, today’s ITS technology increasingly relies on extensive communications networks to facilitate performance and improve safety.



At the center of ITS lies an integrated communications system

Intelligent Transportation Systems(ITS) enable the collection of data and the dissemination of this data.
ITS collect information at signals all around the city, correlate the real-time data and can automatically regulate traffic policies across a city. KWC Wireless Remote Sensing system can be an integral part of the infrastructure. The combination of interlinking the LAN and private network (Wi-Fi and UHF/VHF) with sophisticated web-based Network Management System provides the Transportation Agencies and contractors the most cost effective and reliable solution.

ITS includes a range of applications that can benefit cities such as:

Intelligent Traffic Signal Management – Actively managed and coordinated traffic signals can reduce congestion and moderate traffic speeds, smoothing traffic flow and reducing auto emission levels.

Video Analytics – Real-time video enables traffic controllers to identify problems, record and ticket red light runners, gather traffic analytics information and enforce special traffic zones. Public safety workers may also access the video to identify traffic conditions so they can route around congested roads when responding to an emergency.

Information and Alerts – Variable message signs can quickly broadcast information such as weather, road conditions, stolen vehicle and other timely local information to drivers.

Real-Time Public Transit Information – Up-to-the-minute information on busses and other public transportation vehicles can be published to the web and bus stations, improving schedule accuracy and helping increasing ridership.

Critical Wireless Technology for Positive Train Control

ITS are the aim of many Departments of Transport worldwide. From passenger to freight trains, today’s railroad systems increasingly rely on extensive communications networks to facilitate performance and improve safety. One of the latest advancements in rail technology is Positive Train Control (PTC), which integrates command, communications, and information systems for controlling train movements with security, precision, and efficiency. Acknowledging the critical requirement of such technology, KWC has introduced a complete solution oriented wireless Remote Sensing and Monitoring systems that addresses the ITS requirements.

A typical KWC designed PTC systems includes speed display and control units on the train and communications equipment to inform the control unit of changing track or signal conditions. Other components include a navigation system and track profile database to enforce fixed speed limits, a bidirectional data link to inform signaling equipment of the train’s presence, and a centralized monitoring and control management system.

By providing better tracking of train location and speed through robust wireless networks, PTC increases operational efficiency, allows higher track capacity, enhances crew safety, and results in a safer environment for personnel working on the track.